‘A multi-stakeholder approach to energy poverty in Granada’

Date: 5 March 2018

FacilitationAcento Comunicación / Politecnico di Torino (POLITO)

Energy poverty refers to a situation where households struggle to maintain a necessitated level of domestic energy services to guarantee a decent standard of living, like adequate warmth and cooling (18-21ºC in the winter and 25ºC in the summer according to the World Health Organization).

Currently, 11% of Spanish households are unable to maintain adequate warmth in their homes during the cold season (5.1 million of people) according to the Spanish Association of Environmental Sciences (ACA), supporting organisation of the EU Energy Poverty Observatory. A recent study commissioned by the Granada Provincial Council (Diputación de Granada) reveals that in the province of Granada the rate is 12’5%-13’9%.

This workshop will gather key stakeholders to explore local challenges and solutions to energy poverty in the city of Granada. Organised by our project partner Acento Comunicación together with the Centre for Development Cooperation Initiatives (CICODE) from the University of Granada. Facilitation by Politecnico di Torino (POLITO).


  • University of Granada
  • Cátedra HIDRALIA (sustainable water management)
  • Bankia (Bank – Corporate Social Responsibility department)
  • Seven Solutions (SME – embedded systems design)
  • CLUSTER Construcción Sostenible de Andalucía (Association for Urban sustainability)
  • Endesa (leading company in the Spanish electricity sector)
  • CooperaSE (local energy cooperative)
  • Granada ombudsman (Granada City Council)
  • Agenda Local 21 (Granada City Council)
  • Agencia de Vivienda y Rehabilitación de Andalucía – Junta de Andalucía (Housing and Rehabilitation Agency from the regional government of Andalusia)
  • Agencia Provincial de la Energía – Diputación de Granada (Energy Agency of the province – Granada Provincial Council)
  • FACUA Granada (consumer association)
  • Asociación Almanjáyar en Familia – ALFA (NGO)
  • Granada Red Cross (NGO)


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