The  SHAPE ENERGY project completed in January 2019, however all resources continue to be available (and will remain so for several years) via:
This 2-year pilot H2020 energy-related Social Sciences & Humanities (energy-SSH) Platform engaged more than 20,000 stakeholders as described in our final communications report 

Invitation to connect with the Energy-SHIFTS project
The SHAPE ENERGY coordinator team at Anglia Ruskin University is pleased to present Energy-SHIFTS:“Energy Social Sciences & Humanities Innovation Forum Targeting the SET-Plan”. This two year inclusive Forum project will contribute to a European Energy Union that places societal needs centrally, by further developing Europe’s leadership in using and applying energy-related Social Sciences and Humanities (energy-SSH).
Energy-SHIFTS centrally involves theing EU’s Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan) stakeholders (including industry) and a wide range of energy
policy-facing roles.
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