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Call for applications closed on 22 November 2017.


Politecnico di Torino (POLITO) will organise 2 two-day sandpits (on February 8th-9th and on February 22nd-23rd, 2018), hosted at Valentino Castle (39, Viale Mattioli, Turin, Italy).
In our sandpits four core themes will be covered:

The main goal of the SHAPE ENERGY sandpits is to bring people together who are interested in improving and innovating and who, crucially, are currently or have recently been involved in EU-funded projects on similar topics as the main subject of the sandpits. In line with one of the SHAPE ENERGY project objectives of reaching a higher integration of  Social Sciences and Humanities(SSH) into energy- and transport-related projects for Horizon 2020 and beyond, the events will be aimed at:

  • reflecting on current direction and task in individual projects;
  • generating concrete ideas for increasing impacts on society;
  • experiencing innovative methods of interdisciplinary and cross-sector working within energy and transport projects;
  • meeting cross-Europeans collaborators in a stimulating environment and generating future project ideas for progressing energy related topics.

What is a ‘sandpit’?

A sandpit is a short, intensive event aimed at generating new ideas and new collaborations. It provides time and space away from the day-to-day running of a project to reflect upon and consider future directions. It can for example help facilitate ‘blue sky’ thinking, and consideration of radical new questions and methods..

Eligibility to apply

Sandpits will host 25-30 participants each, coming from at least 8 consortia. We are in contact with around 500 European funded projects (H2020 and FP7) which are related to the four SHAPE ENERGY topics. Current/recent EU project consortia will be selected to attend each sandpit  (more than one member of each consortium will be expected). Any H2020 or FP7 consortium with a project end date of 2016 or later, and coming from an EU or an EU-associated country, is eligible to apply.
Among the interested consortia, places will be allocated to achieve a good balance of: expertise across all disciplines, work of relevance to the topic in question, gender, and European geographical areas.
Participants will be asked to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, to ensure confidentiality of current project outputs among attendees.

Draft programme

Day 1 (Same programme for both February 8th and February 22nd)

12:00 Participants registration
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Opening: SHAPE ENERGY overview, aims and explanation of the sandpit agenda (plenary)
14:30 Ice breaking exercises, including participants presentation
15:30 Storytelling group activities
17:00 Coffee break & networking
17:30 Guided tour of the Valentino Castle
18:30 End of first day
20:00 Gala Dinner

Day 2 (Same programme for both February 9th and February 23rd)

09:30 Storytelling group activities
11:00 Coffee break and networking
11:30 Storytelling group activities
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Storytelling outputs
15:00 Identified challenges
16:15 Wrap-up and lessons learned (plenary)

Dates and locations

The dates of the sandpits are the following:

8 – 9 Feb. 2018: “Energy efficiency and using less” and “ Competitive, secure, low carbon energy supply”
22 – 23 feb. 2018 “Energy system optimisation and smart technologies” and “ Transport sector decarbonisation”

The sandpits will take place at the Castello del Valentino (Valentino Castle), 39 Viale Mattioli, Torino, Italy.

This beautiful 16th century royal residence, now housing the Politecnico’s Interuniversity Department of Regional and Urban Studies and Planning, is located in the Valentino park alongside the river Po. Excellence point of Savoy historical architecture, the Valentino Castle is part of the Savoy Royal Residences tour, an extraordinarily interesting path from a historical, artistic and landscape point of view that UNESCO declared World  Heritage  Site  in  1997.  Very  close  to  the  city  centre,  the  Castle  is  surrounded  by  Valentino Park,   a   Torino   ancient   public   park,   running   along   river   Po,   the   most   important   Italian   river. The  residence,  inspired  by  French  style,  was  designed  in  1623  by  Carlo  di  Castellamonte  –  it  is  U-shaped with  four  angle  towers,  “mansard”  roof  in  transalpine  style  and  a  courtyard  paved  with  geometrical decorations of cobblestones.  Valentino Castle can be reached from the city centre (Porta Nuova, Porta Susa railway stations) in about 15 minutes by tram (line 9, stop in front of the Castle) or by Metro (closest stop Marconi, 10 minutes’ walking distance)..

Expenses covered by SHAPE ENERGY

To all participants, Politecnico di Torino will offer all the followings: lunches and coffee breaks, accommodation and a unique gala-dinner on Thursday evening.

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How to get and what to do in Turin


There are several ways to reach Torino, including:

Torino International Airport is 16 km far from the city centre and is linked by a bus service and a railway connection running every half an hour and taking about 35 minutes. If you choose to catch a taxi, the maximum fare with the main taxi companies is about 34 euros to the city centre.

More info can be obtained at www.aeroportoditorino.it/en



  • Buses, tram lines, metro: gtt.to.it/cms/en
  • Torino Metro line service usually runs from 5.30 until 00.30 except at weekends (until 01.00) and on Mondays (until 22.00).
  • Taxi: dial +39.011.5750 or +39.011.5737
  • Bike: Torino has a bike-sharing system but … the website is only available in Italian: tobike.it. Plenty of information in English available here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ToBike



  • Roman castrum, medieval town, first capital of Italy, Torino offers a lasting memory of castles, old beautiful palaces, royal residences, monuments. The list includes the Valentino Castle, our sandpits location, one of the most beautiful “Residences of Royal House of Savoy” inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1997. Torino is one of the cultural leading cities in Italy. The city’s lively cultural scene includes music, theatre, visual arts, photography, film, design, dance and heritage as well as a wide choice of museums, 46 in town, such as the world famous Egyptian Museum, the beautiful Galleria Sabauda with Italian and Flemish painting collections, the Automobile Museum, the Modern Art Gallery, the Rivoli Museum of Contemporary Art, the National Cinema Museum with its unique interactive approach. Moreover, Torino is one of the undisputed world capital of taste. It has always boasted a renowned food and wine tradition. The region’s extraordinary cuisine can be enjoyed in over 600 city restaurants. Torino and its area are a unique location for shopping top level “made in Italy” products: from design to fashion, from food delicacies to jewelry. Around Torino thousands of excursion opportunities: the Alps, the lakes, the artistic cities and villages, the golf courses, the wine and food tours.

    More info on Torino at www.turismotorino.org



Torino is well-known for its local cuisine, which is considered among the best in Italy.

Restaurants are usually open from 12.00 to 14.30 and from 19.30 to 22.30. For those who prefer something different to the classic menus, Torino proposes a most pleasant alternative: wine bars.

Torino is also renowned for the ability of its pastrycooks and chocolate manufacturers.

Watch the videos below.

Chocolate in Torino

Mignon pastry making


Museums are usually open from Tuesday to Sunday and closed on Mondays.

Some of the best museums in town…

The Egyptian Museum


Cinema National Museum


Automobile National Museum “Giovanni Agnelli”

http:// www.museoauto.it/website/en/

Palazzo Madama (Museum of Ancient Arts)


MAO (Oriental Arts Museum)


Gam (Modern Art Gallery)


Fondazione Accorsi –Ometto (Decorative Arts Museum)


Castello di Rivoli (Contemporary Arts Museum)

http://www.castellodirivoli.org/MACA (Environment Museum)

La Venaria Reale Royal Residence