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This pluridisciplinary summer school for PhD students working within Social Science and Humanities (SSH) energy research, held in June 2017, focused on how SSH research can contribute to tackle the many energy-related challenges in Europe. Key energy topics were discussed with an emphasis on interdisciplinarity and on the translation of academic research into policy and practice.


Starting with a focus on future energy challenges for the European Union and their need to be investigated by interdisciplinary research the summer school investigated:

–          Global energy dilemmas;

–          Energy transition;

–          Public engagement and energy citizenship;

–          Consumption and social practices;

–          Energy poverty.

Participants undertook writing before the summer school and actively engaged in a variety of workshops and activities.

Speakers at the Summer School included:

  • Pr. Michael Bradshaw, Warwick Business School, UK (on global energy)
  • Pr. Stefan Bouzarovski, University of Manchester, UK (on paths to dependency and energy poverty)
  • Pr. Gilles Debizet, Grenoble Alpes University, France (on future scenarii of socio-energy assemblage in cities)
  • Pr. Ute Dubois, International Business School, Paris, France (on health and energy poverty)
  • Dr. Chris Foulds, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK (on interdisciplinarity and future energy challenges)
  • Dr. Mohamed El Mankibi, ENTPE, Lyon, France (on what is energy, how it is produced)
  • Dr. Gary Goggins, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland (on ENERGISE project)
  • Dr. Sara Heidenreich, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway (on energy citizenship)
  • Pr. Aurèlia Mañé-Estrada, University of Barcelona, Spain (on energy transition and political economy)
  • Dr. Nathalie Ortar, ENTPE, Lyon, France (on consumption and social practices)
  • Dr. Gerd Schönwälder, European Commission (on future energy challenges)
  • Patrick Sumpf, Karlsruher Insitut für Technologie, Germany (on energy challenge)
  • Dr. Annika Weiss, Karlsruhe Institute of technology,Germany (On interdisciplinary scenario creation with cross-impact balance analysis)

The Summer School was an opportunity for Early Stage Researchers to meet and collaborate with other PhD students from a range of disciplines, including anthropology, architecture, economics, history, human geography, sociology, planning and politics. Advanced researchers and practitioners involved in leading European energy projects presented their expertise and facilitated the understanding of the role of SSH energy research for policy and practice.

The five intensive days were academically challenging and fun, with presentations, indoor and outdoor workshops and networking activities. Participants were invited to consider how we best represent and understand energy from different angles and disciplinary perspectives, and encouraged to think about how the theoretical and methodological issues discussed related to their own work.


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