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Through the ESR programme, ENTPE will manage the placement of 20 energy-SSH early-stage researchers into 10 Horizon 2020 energy projects. Working in pairs (2 researchers per project) they will support the project coordinators, over 2-4 week placements, to identify ways in which SSH can be embedded in their remaining deliverables.

These placements are an opportunity for host and interns to reflect on how to help social sciences and humanities work become embedded into existing energy initiatives to maximise impact.

PhD researchers could for example:

  • undertake additional analysis of collected data;
  • reach out to SSH researchers who may be interested in the project;
  • interview project partners to help evaluate the project;
  • assist with events, and talk to stakeholders about their engagement with the project;
  • attend consortium meetings, and observe cross-partner working.

The 20 placements will take place between August and December 2017.
Travel bursaries (1.030€ for travel & accommodation) will be provided to facilitate the involvement of ESRs.

How to apply?

Project coordinators interested in acting as hosts should give a short description of their project, explain what they wish the PhD student to do, when, where, and what kind of help they can provide.

PhD researchers should be enrolled in a European university, indicate what their research topics are, their disciplines, and availability up to December 2017. Please contact: delphine.burguet@entpe.fr and nathalie.ortar@entpe.fr.


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Ten Horizon 2020 energy projects are ready to welcome ten pairs of energy-SSH researchers for 2-4 week placements. Would you like to be one of them?

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