We are grateful to numerous colleagues from outside of the consortium, who have kindly contributed their time to specific parts of the projects. However, in particular, we note the following parties who have been involved in scoping interviews, co-hosting of city workshops and by other useful means:

–          Agencia Provincial de la Energia de Granada

–          Artsadmin

–          avaESEN

–          Birdlife

–          Bauhaus Luftfahrt

–          Beogradske elektrane

–          Bruxelles Environnement

–          Bulgarian District Heating Association

–          Bulgarian Electricity and gas utilities association

–          Cambridge City Council

–          Capenergies

–          Center of Excellence of Turkey on Solar Energy

–          City Council of Almada

–          City Council of Helsinki

–          City of Heidelberg

–          City of Utrecht

–          Climate Knowledge and Innovation Communities (Climate-KIC)

–          County Council Ialomita

–          Energoprojekt Entel

–          Environmental Association for University and College

–          European Alliance to Save Energy

–          European Renewable Energy Centers (EUREC)

–          European Technology & Innovation Platform for Bioenergy (ETIP-Bioenergy)

–          European Technology & Innovation Platform for Deep Geothermal (ETIP DG)

–          European Technology & Innovation Platform for Renewable Heating and Cooling (ETIP RHC)

–          European Technology & Innovation Platform for Smart Networks for Energy Transition (ETIP SNET)

–          European Universities Association

–          FEROINVEST

–          FONKO HIDRO

–          Institute of Power Engineering Academy of Sciences of Moldova


–          Metropole de Lyon

–          Republic of Bulgaria Sustainable Energy Development Agency

–          Republic of Serbia City Council

–          Riga Energy Agency

–          Romanian Renewable Industry Association


–          Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline

–          Trondheim Kommune

–          Turkish affiliate of the International Association for Energy Economics (TRAEE)

–          University American College

–          University of Belgrade Faculty of Mining and Geology

–          Valahia Universty of Targoviste Dept of Energy and Environment

–          World Energy Council (Serbia Committee Member)