The four SHAPE ENERGY Cross-cutting theme reports aim to provide accessible overviews of seminal and recent research on four salient energy-related Social Sciences and Humanities (energy-SSH) themes: (1) Energy and gender; (2) Energy and multi-stakeholder interests; (3) Energy justice; and (4) Energy and the active consumer.

Energy-SSH disciplines have been under-utilised by policymakers, in the European context and beyond, in spite of their considerable potential. To assist in bringing the usefulness of such energy-SSH perspectives to the fore, the core of each report is centred around a review of seminal and recent research relating to each theme, which then provides the basis for each report’s recommendations to the European Commission, other EU projects and platforms, and indeed our SHAPE ENERGY project partners. Each report thus includes a 1-page Executive Summary, and 1-page Recommendations page, which can be treated as stand-alone resources.