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Think piece collection: abstracts published

The list of academic groups selected for the think piece collection and the list of the abstracts has just been published. You can see it here. 

Authors  Title
Bridge, G., Barca, S., Ozkaynak, B., Turhan, E. Value Towards a Political Ecology of EU Energy Policy
Middlemiss, L., Straver, K., Pellicer-Sifres, V.,Gillard, R. Connecting the lived experience with energy poverty management: a new governance paradigm
Kerr, S., Watts, L., Brennan, R., Wright, G., Howell, R., Wynne, B. Shaping Blue Growth: Opportunities for social studies of marine energy to shape energy policy
Genus, A., Fahy, F., Laakso, S., Iskandarova, M., Goggins, G. Everyday Imaginaries and Everyday Practices:
Learning from ‘ENERGISE’ about the Integration of Social Science with the EU Energy Union
Wesseling, J., Turnheim, B., Binder, C.R., Rohracher, H., Truffler, B., van Vuuren, D. Challenges ahead: Understanding, assessing, and anticipating foreseeable societal tensions to support low-carbon transitions in European energy systems
Silvast, A., Bolton, R., Lagendijk, V., Dr Kacper Szulecki. K. Crossing borders: SSH perspectives on European electricity integration
Hiteva, R., Weijnen, M., Ives, M. In search of the energy nexus: technoeconomic modelling, ethnographies and social interactions
Susan Bright, Juliette Sénéchal, Magdalena Habdas, Vincent Sagaert, David Weatherall,Tina Fawcett, Dr. Frankie McCarthy, Sandra
Building Governance and energy efficiency: Mapping the inter-disciplinary challenge
Darby, S., Higginson, S., O’Dwyer, C., Andrade-Cabrera, C., Topouzi, M., Finn. D. Can thermal comfort be flexible? A sociotechnical question
Aberg, A., Hoffken, J., I., Lidstrom, S. Mind the gap: energy poverty and climatejustice