You can find here the list of academic groups and abstracts that have been selected within the different Challenges ( Challenge A: Control, Challenge B: Stability & Change, Challenge C: Capacity-Building).

Author Title
Smedberg, A.; Light, A. She’s lost control again: A case study on localised energy production in Orkney
Larsen, K.; Şorman, A. H.;
Turhan, E.
Reconciling qualitative and quantitative storytelling in just energy decisionmaking:
New scenarios for a new energetic metabolism
Smedberg, A.; Light, A. She’s lost control again: A case study on localised energy production in Orkney
Wokuri, P.; Pechancová, V. Stability and Change in Energy Systems:Islands of innovation in the UK,
Czech Republic and France
CHALLENGE B: Stability & Change
Author Title
Hobson, K.; Eadson, W.; Aiken, G.; Dinnie, L. The role of community energy in shifting energy landscapes:
exploring multi-scalar networks of stability and change
Oliveira, S.; Baborska-Narozny, M. Feeding back or feeding forward? A new lens into building energy use
Wagner, A.; Lis, A.; Ruzzenenti, F.; Walnum, H.J Envisaging the unintended social consequences of a transition
from fossil fuel based toelectric and electronic mobility
Greene, M.; Schiffer, A. Learning from past and current energy transitions to build sustainable
and resilient energy futures: lessons from Ireland and The Gambia
Märker, C.; Milchram, Chr. How can institutional change in complex socio-technical systems
be guided by an analysis of underlying values?
Schippl, J.; von Wirth, T. Including a spatial perspective into research on socio-technical transitions:
case studies in the Swiss energy and German transport sector
Buchmann, K.;Heffer, Sh.; Mintz Cohen, Y.P. How do energy start-ups and energy societal experimentation projects in
Israel and Germany constitute the inside (conformity) and outside (rebellion)?
CHALLENGE C: Capacity-Building
Author Title
Della Valle, N.; Poderi, G. What works for Consumer Engagement in Energy Transition:
Experimenting a Behavioral-Sociological approach
Fell, M ; Neves, D. Do learnings on community participation in island microgrid projects map
across to urban quasi- or islanded-microgrid contexts, and if so, how?
Hanna, J.; Auger, J.; Watts, L Through the Wall
Schweiker, M.; Huebner, G. Beyond the average consumer:
Exploring the potential to increase the activity of consumers in loadshifting behaviours
by means of custom‐made applications