As the world scrambles to achieve energy transitions and dramatically accelerate energy innovation, and initiatives like EU Green Week and Mission Innovation bring together experts from across the globe to brainstorm solutions – one thing has become very clear: cities are key. However, new technology isn’t enough, even if it dominates the energy agenda discussions. What cannot be, but often is, left out of the discussion is the importance of considering of critical human and social aspects in our relationship to these innovations. Through a series of workshops in cities across Europe covering topics from energy poverty to decentralizing renewable energy production and decarbonizing the transport sector, SHAPE ENERGY is tackling this gap and pushing for greater integration of social considerations into energy projects.

Decision-makers and experts who work in the field must understand that energy is a social issue. It is essential that this understanding be incorporated into the energy transition strategies that are developed at local and national level. Without this the transition will not be as effective or successful as is required given the state of our world today.

The SHAPE ENERGY multi-stakeholder workshops have taken place in Lyon (FR), Trondheim (NO), Brasov (RO), Heidelberg (DE), Brussels (BE), Utrecht (NL), Ankara (TR), Cambridge (UK), Lisbon (PT), Riga (LV), Skopje (MK), Belgrade (RS), Chisinau (MD), Grenada (ES), Zlín (CR), Helsinki (FI) and Turin (IT). The last workshop will take place in Sofia (BG) this month.

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