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SHAPE ENERGY final conference

'DESIGNING FUTURE ENERGY POLICES: Social sciences and humanities to accelerate the energy transition' Join us for our end of project conference in Brussels! This one-day conference will be split in two: a morning policy summit and interactive afternoon sessions. To

SHAPE ENERGY final conference2019-01-17T09:04:59+01:00

COP24 Changing Together

COP24 is the informal name for the 24th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. the UN Climate Change Conference will take place this year in Katowice, Poland.  

COP24 Changing Together2018-10-10T11:50:55+01:00

Webinar Luzy Village Du Futur

Quels sont les liens entre la transition énergétique et les dynamiques citoyennes ? Quels modèles de gouvernance et quels jeux d’acteurs se mettent en place ? Avec la participation de Marion Coiseur, animatrice de la démarche Village du Futur à Luzy (Nièvre)! Inscrivez-vous ➡️

Webinar Luzy Village Du Futur2018-11-15T09:42:47+01:00

Re-energising efficiency: looking beyond technology and economics

The European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy’s annual policy seminar has been organised this year in cooperation with SHAPE ENERGY. Together with the SHAPE ENERGY project, eceee wants to explore whether alternative and complementary approaches could help us unlock

Re-energising efficiency: looking beyond technology and economics2018-11-07T18:27:51+01:00

11th Annual SET-Plan Conference

Gathering of researchers and policy makers from EU member states to encourage open debate around key energy issues. This year's SET-Plan conference will take stock on progress towards the SET-Plan priorities and aims to identify how Research and Innovation, at

11th Annual SET-Plan Conference2018-10-10T11:28:57+01:00

European Utility Week (EUW)

At EUW all key players in the smart energy ecosystem come together and discuss European strategy to achieve a smooth transition towards a low carbon energy supply. The 3-day programme explores four key areas in European energy: Digitalisation, Decarbonisation, Energy

European Utility Week (EUW)2018-10-10T15:47:55+01:00