Helsinki (Finland)

Questions to be discussed:

  • How is it to work in/use an energy efficient facility? How can the energy efficiency be seen? Should it be seen more or less than now?
  • Where is the future of the energy efficient building going? What can we learn from the previous? Is there some area that has been missing?
  • How could the collaboration between different actors (users, designers, maintenance etc.) be developed? How should the energy related topics to be communicated?
  • What’s your vision for the 2020 energy efficient facility beyond 2020?

‘The Future of the energy efficient facilities’

Date: 4 June 2018

FacilitationEnergy Cities

Helsinki City has a target to be Carbon Neutral by 2035. To reach the target, a multi-disciplinary action plan with over a hundred of actions from technical to communicational has been created. The development of the working and collaboration methods is the keys to reach the targets, but often there is too little time to that in everyday work life. Target of the workshop is to map the current situation and envision the future beyond 2020.