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Aalto, Pami Professor

International Relations | University of Tampere | Finland
Politics International Relations
energy policy; interdisciplinarity; geopolitics & borders; methodology; international society
SHAPE ENERGY | 15/05/2017

Aas, Øystein Research Director

| Norwegian Institute for Nature Research | Norway
Environmental Social Science
natural resource management; renewable energy technologies; impact assessments; ecotourism
SELF ENTRY | 08/08/2017

Abram, Simone Professor

Department of Anthropology | Durham Energy Institute | United Kingdom (UK)
Science and Technology Studies Social Anthropology
energy and society; energy ethics; energy systems integration; property and planning; public participation.
SELF ENTRY | 28/06/2017

Acaravci, Ali Professor

Department of Economics | Mustafa Kemal University | Turkey
Economic Growth; Energy Economics; Foreign Trade
SHAPE ENERGY | 19/04/2017

Agustoni, Alfredo Senior Research Fellow

Legal and Social Sciences | Università di Chieti-Pescara | Italy
Sociology Social Policy
Social energetics; Social Policies
SHAPE ENERGY | 20/04/2017

Ahlborg, Helene Researcher

| Chalmers University of Technology | Sweden
Environmental Social Science Gender
Energy transitions; Renewable energy; New technology; Power relations; Gender.
SHAPE ENERGY | 15/05/2017

Akbostanci, Elif Associate Professor

Department of Economics | Middle East Technical University | Turkey
International Trade; International Finance; Monetary Theory and Policy; Energy Use and Environment; Trade and Environment
SHAPE ENERGY | 19/04/2017

Akerboom, Sanne Post Doc

Utrecht Centre for Water Oceans and Sustainability Law | Utrecht University | Netherlands
Environmental Social Science Law Politics
Energy law and policy sustainability renewables
SELF ENTRY | 28/08/2018

Alier, Joan Martinez Professor

Institute of Environmental Science and Technology | Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB). | Spain
Economics Environmental Social Science History
European Environment Ageny; Global environmental change; Ecological Economics
SHAPE ENERGY | 27/03/2017

Alkan, Mehmet Ali Lecturer

Department of Electricity & Energy | Mugla Sitki Kocman University | Turkey
Economics Education
Renewable energy education
SHAPE ENERGY | 21/04/2017